Condensate Pump

VCL-14ULS Series High-Capacity Condensate Pump

Condensate Pump

VCL-14ULS Series High-Capacity Condensate Pump

Equipped with a built-in reservoir, the VCL-14ULS condensate pump works alongside your HVAC system to remove condensation in high-efficiency gas furnaces, condensing boilers, air conditioning units, and other no-gravity applications. It includes a 1-gallon collection tank to handle large-scale applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • 1/50 hp motor
  • Float switch for automatic start/stop operation
  • Overflow switch for high-level water detection
  • Large tank capacity
  • Fan cooled concentric motor
  • Thermally protected to preserve motor
  • cCSAus certified


VCL-14ULS Series condensate pump is designed for large tank applications and rated for high-efficiency gas furnace applications that produce acidic condensate. Equipped with a galvanized steel tank cover to accommodate periods of high-flow drain or cycling, the pump is controlled by a float/switch mechanism which turns the pump on when approximately 3-1/2" of water collects in the tank, and automatically switches off when the tank drains to approximately 2".


Capacity 200 gph @ 1'
Shut Off 14' (4.3 m)
Max. Liquid Temp. 120 °F (49 °C)
Discharge 3/8" barbed (9.5 mm)
Impeller Glass-filled Polypropylene
Electrical 115 V, 60 Hz, 1 A
Operation Automatic


Head GPH (LPH)
1' 200 (758)
3' 185 (701)
5' 170 (644.3)
10' 125 (473.8)

Order Information

VCL-14ULS Series Condensate Pump

Item Model Volts Shut-Off Safety Switch Tubing Included
553101 VCL-14ULS 115 VAC 14 ft Yes No

Support Materials


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HVAC Selection Tool PDF 0.8 MB


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HVAC Catalog PDF 4.32 MB


Parts & Accessories

CV-10 Check Valve

Item Model Description
599065 CV-10 Check Valve for VCL Condensate Pump for 3/8" vinyl tubing

CV-14/24 Check Valve

Item Model Description
599069 CV-14/24 CV-14/24, Check Valve