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Strengthen Your Team And Their Knowledge

Join us online or in the classroom to learn in-demand skills and increase your product knowledge. Our mission at FranklinTECH is to provide you with industry-leading learning experiences. Whether you’re brand new to the industry or a seasoned pro looking to master products in your field, this site provides you with industry-leading Franklin Electric product training for you and your business. 

FranklinTECH Online makes it easy.

 • Access personalized & interactive learning
 • Assign team training

 • Eliminate travel
 • Find answers faster

Increase Sales
 • Learn how to install & troubleshoot more effectively
 • Onboard new employees quicker by adding online assignments

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Check Out the TIPS Series

We've got you covered, from understanding product applications to identifying components to performing a procedure. TIPS, an acronym for Technical Information Product Support, are videos intended to provide you with answers to some of your most common product questions.
Our Brand Promise

There’s a reason we’ve been the go-to pump for HVAC, Plumbing, Pool, and Hydroponics professionals for generations: experience. For 80 years, Little Giant® products have stood the test of time, pumping a steady flow of proven reliability in the most demanding applications.