Grinder Pump

16G Series Grinder Pump

Grinder Pump

16G Series Grinder Pump

When you need to take your sewage removal to the next level to be truly worry-free, let Little Giant handle the daily grind so you don’t have to. The Little Giant 16G Series grinder pump is a heavy-duty 1 hp grinder pump designed for high head sewage or effluent removal in the most challenging residential and light commercial wastewater and clog-prone applications. You can also use this mighty pump in greenhouses to keep drains clear of post-harvest processing debris. This grinder pump features a cutting mechanism with superior grinding capabilities. Available as a single pump product or in simplex and duplex packaged systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Cutting mechanism equipped with 27 stationary blades and 8 rotating blades – producing 3450 RPM and 745,200 cuts per minute
  • 1-1/4" discharge and 2" NPT adapter discharge preassembled onto the pump for ultimate versatility
  • Silicon carbide mechanical seal provides up to six times longer seal life with lower thermal expansion and higher abrasion resistance when compared to carbon-ceramic seals.
  • Easily replaceable, 20' power cord is sealed at the connection point for unit protection
  • Non-skid adjustable legs for stability and vibration dampening to allow for quieter operation
  • Vertical and tethered float switch options are available on 115 and 230V models


The cutting mechanism on the 16G Series grinder pump produces over 745,000 cuts per minute and is based on the design used in larger Franklin Electric models. The forceful 1 hp class F motor provides optimal power to prevent flushables and other debris from clogging and causing downtime, while the discharge is customizable to a contractor’s needs. Installers can choose to use the 1 1/4-inch discharge or utilize the 2-inch adapter pre-assembled to the pump, making it an ideal drop-in replacement for any effluent or sewage pump struggling with clogs and binding, regardless of discharge size.

Offered in 115V and 230V, the 16G Series 1 hp Grinder Pump is designed as a new or replacement grinder pump, ready to tackle your toughest residential and light commercial wastewater challenges.


Capacity 49.3 gpm @ 10'
Shut Off 53' (16.2 m)
Max. Liquid Temp. 140 °F (60 °C)
Discharge 1-1/4" (31.75 mm)
and 2" (50.8 mm) NPT adapter 
Impeller Epoxy-coated cast iron
Electrical 115 V, 60 Hz, 12.5 A
230 V, 60 Hz, 6.5 A
Operation Automatic or Manual


Head GPM (LPM)
10' 49.3 (186.6)
20' 43.9 (166.2)
30' 37.5 (142)
40' 28.7 (108.6)
50' 15.3 (57.9)

Order Information

16G Series Grinder Pump

Item Model HP Volts Discharge Amps - Full Load Cord Length
509810 16G-F151-20 1 hp 115 VAC 2 " 12.5 A 20 ft
509809 16G-M151-20 1 hp 115 VAC 2 " 12.5 A 20 ft
509811 16G-V151-20 1 hp 115 VAC 2 " 12.5 A 20 ft
509813 16G-F231-20 1 hp 230 VAC 2 " 6.5 A 20 ft
509812 16G-M231-20 1 hp 230 VAC 2 " 6.5 A 20 ft
509814 16G-V231-20 1 hp 230 VAC 2 " 6.5 A 20 ft

Support Materials


Title Type Size
Wastewater Solutions Brochure PDF 3.52 MB


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Wastewater Product Catalog PDF 14.33 MB


Title Type Size
16 G Series Grinder Pumps Owner's Manual PDF 1.73 MB