Biological Waterfall Filter


Biological Waterfall Filter

Little Giant biological waterfall filters helps maintain a balanced ecosystem by filtering beneficial bacteria to clean the water molecularly. If you want to raise happy and healthy fish, you need these bacteria in your tank. These highly efficient models use the latest filtration technology to decrease maintenance time and provide quick, toolless access to the filters. Our waterfall filter units produce natural-flowing waterfalls, with all plumbing hidden.

Features & Benefits

  • Circular, ribbed design for maximum strength
  • One-step backwash capability
  • Drip Edge to avoid spillage
  • Easily accessible media for maintenance
  • Simple silicone-free installation


Vortex action helps settle debris and distribute water evenly over filter pads. The Matala® waterfall filter pads last longer and create ideal bacteria counts. The drip edge prevents water from flowing behind the liner and waterfall unit. Available in two model selections, our waterfall filter units have a maximum flow capacity of 5000 gph and 10000 gph.

Order Information

Biological Waterfall Filter

Item Model Description
571010 WF5 Little Giant, WF5, (571010), 5,000 gph, 2" Pipe Connection, Biological Waterfall Filter
571011 WF10 Little Giant, WF10, (571011), 10,000 gph, 2" or 3" Pipe Connection, Biological Waterfall Filter

Optional Lid for Biological Waterfall Filter

Item Model Description
170313 Black lid for WF5
170315 Black lid for WF10

Parts & Accessories

Replacement Bio-Media

These polypropylene bio-balls offer a large surface area and high porosity that allows the development of beneficial bacteria, which breaks down pollutants such as ammonia and nitrites, all while being fish friendly. For use with pond filters, skimmers, biological filters, and waterfall filters.

Item Model Description
566112 BM-30-PW Biomedia, BM-30-PW

Biomedia Mesh Bag

Item Model Description
170277 Mesh bag for biomedia