Garden Pond Skimmers


Garden Pond Skimmers

Garden pond skimmers are an essential part of a healthy water garden pond. They establish the water level, house the pump and plumbing, and remove floating debris (and submerged debris when using the optional bottom drain). Little Giant garden pond skimmers encourage balanced ecosystems in new or existing ponds. These durable skimmers improve surface cleaning with an easy flow-through design that both simplifies installation and minimizes maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • Two stages of filtration provided
  • Multiple sizes fit every feature
  • Maximum flow rate of 2500 gph to 10000 gph based on model
  • Heavy-duty leaf net to catch floating debris
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


Our garden pond skimmers feature a heavy-duty, corrugated skimmer design with a built-in anti-floatation lip. The removable inlet screen prevents aquatic life such as fish and frogs from entering the skimmer unit. The easy-to-clean brushes aid in catching debris and eliminating clogging. Each garden pond skimmer includes a lockable skimmer door to restrict water for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Order Information

Pond Skimmers

Item Model Description
566131 SK2.5 Little Giant, SK2.5, (566131), 2,500 gph, 23.25' H x 21.7" W x 17.2" D, Pond Skimmer
14940171 SK5 Little Giant, SK5, (14940171), 5,000 gph, 23.25' H x 25.9" W x 20.0" D, Pond Skimmer
14940172 SK10 Little Giant, SK10, (14940172), 10,000 gph, 23.25' H x 31.4" W x 23.9" D, Pond Skimmer

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