Small Mechanical Filtration


Small Mechanical Filtration

Small mechanical filtration clean aquarium water before it enters the pump, ensuring your pump runs more efficiently and effectively and with less maintenance. Little Giant offers small mechanical filtration via pump pre-filters and replacement filter pads in multiple sizes and types.

Features & Benefits

  • Removes unsightly waste
  • Extends pump life
  • Less maintenance


Little Giant's small mechanical filtration products are imperative for healthy aquarium life. Regularly cleaning or replacing mechanical filters helps prevent waste from building up and creating problems. Easy-to-use replacement models take the hassle out of filter maintenance.

Order Information

CFS Pump Pre-Filter

Item Model Description
517505 CFS-100 Little Giant, CFS-100, (517505), 1/2" Push On Inlet, Pump Pre-Filter
517506 CFS155T Little Giant, CFS155T, (517506), 1/2" and 3/4" FNPT Inlet, Plastic Screen Pump Pre-Filter
517100 CFS-170T Little Giant, CFS-170T, (517100), 1" FNPT, Pump Barrel Pre-Filter

Support Materials


Title Type Size
Water Features & Pond Products Product Catalog PDF 5.08 MB

Parts & Accessories

FK-SBF-RP-PW Replacement Filter Pad

Item Model Description
566111 FK-SPBF-RP-PW Replacement Filter Pads, FK-SBF-RP-PW

SBF-1-RP-PW Replacement Filter Pad

Item Model Description
566113 SBF-1-RP-PW Replacement Filter Pads, SBF-1-RP-PW, includes 1 fine filter pad, includes coarse filter pad

PF-RP-PW Replacement Filter Pad

Item Model Description
566109 PF-RP-PW Replacement Filter Pad, PF-RP-PW, includes 1 filter pad

CFS-955 Replacement Filter Pad

Item Model Description
517101 CFS955 Foam filter for CFS155T and CFS170T