16EC Series Sump & Effluent Pump

16EC Series Sump & Effluent Pump

When a water removal job calls for high performance, the 16EC Series sump and effluent pump delivers leading durability and design. The 1 horsepower Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motor is housed inside a rugged stainless-steel body for reliable, completely submersible continuous-duty operation. Ideal for a variety of wastewater, sewage removal, dewatering and water transfer applications.

Features & Benefits

  • 1 hp Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motor
  • Completely submersible, designed for continuous duty operations
  • Fully automatic with integral vertical flot switch
  • Capable of fitting 18' diameter basin
  • Stainless steel motor body
  • Cast iron volute/base
  • Capable of passing ¾” solids


Stainless steel construction and an integral vertical float switch provide steady, continuous operation without getting hung up on external objects. The compact unit fits easily inside an 18-inch diameter basin, making it a versatile solution for most basement sump pits, delivering reliable 24/7 operation when needed.

Order Information

16EC Series Sump & Effluent Pump

Item Model HP Volts Cord Length Discharge
14942785 16EC-SSA-V (115V, 10-Ft Cord, Vertical Float Switch) 1 hp 115 VAC 10 ft 1.5 "