Oil Sensing Sump System

OA1S Series Oil-Sensing Elevator Sump System

Oil Sensing Sump System

OA1S Series Oil-Sensing Elevator Sump System

The OA1S Series oil-sensing elevator sump pump is designed and approved for the safe pumping, alarming, and monitoring of elevator sump pits, transformer vaults, and leachate wells. The OA1S elevator sump pump will activate a pump to remove water from elevator pits in accordance with ASME A17.1.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple indicator lights: power, pump run, high water, high oil, pump overload, and 6 ft SJTOW cord
  • Single-piece sensor for easy installation
  • ASME - A17 compliant
  • Includes remote alarm
  • Alarm panel can be connected to Oil Sensing Sump System’s remote panel which contains audio/visual alarming
  • Both the main panel and remote alarm panel have auxiliary contacts for connection to a building’s automation system or SCADA system


On the OA1S Series oil-sensing elevator sump pump, indicator lights will illuminate on the control panel for power, pump running, high alarm, high oil, and pump overload (optional). The panel has a set of auxiliary contacts that activate on power loss or high oil/water conditions. If the liquid level reaches the alarm probe and HIGH-LEVEL float, the system will differentiate between water and oil and activate the remote alarm.



Electrical Input 120 V, 60 Hz, 12 A
Electrical Output 120 V, 60 Hz, 12 A
Max HP 1/2 horsepower
Enclosure Material Corrosion-resistant thermoplastic
Battery Access Removable lid


Control Panel

Enclosure Type 1
Power Cord 6' SJT, 120 VAC
Receptacle SJT, 120 VAC, 15 amp


Alarm Panel

Enclosure Type 1
Power Cord Plug in transformer, 120 VAC
Backup Power 9 VDC battery backup
LED Indicators Trouble, high-level, high-oil
Audible Alarm 103 db buzzer, auto test/reset


Head GPM (LPM)
5' 60 (227)
10' 55 (208)
20' 45 (170)
30' 30 (114)
40' 15 (57)

Order Information

OA1S Series Oil Sensing Pump System

Item Description
513404 Oil Sensing Switch Kit, 115V 60HZ, 1 HP Max, 1.0-14.0 AMP Range
513405 Oil Sensing Switch Kit, 230V 60HZ 1 HP Max, 1.4-18.0 Amp Range
513406 Oil Sensing switch 3-zone remote alarm panel
513407 Replacement OA1S pre-set oil sensing float/probe system
513408 Oil Sensing Switch Kit, 115V, 60HZ Plus 10ECH-CIA-RF 1/2 HP Pump

Includes pump in kit