Contractor Time Saver: VCMX-20 Series of Condensate Pumps Still Simplifying the Install & Serviceability Process


The Little Giant® VCMX-20 Series of Condensate Pumps continues to prove its value to contractors with the automatic collection and removal of condensate from air conditioning, refrigeration, and dehumidification equipment when gravity drainage is not possible or practical. Here’s what one of our loyal customers recently said when asked about Little Giant and the VCMX.

“I back up everything that I do. I put it in writing. If the customer feels happy and secure about what I want to do, and I use the right products, then everybody is happy. I do not want to come back to the house. If I am installing a new system and I have to come back a month later I don't look good and my product doesn't look good. The best part about Little Giant products is that I don’t have problems; I don’t have repeat calls. So, with no repeat calls is a happy customer.” - Brian Heyman, Absolute Control HVAC Corp.

What makes the VCMX-20 Series unique is that it is designed to be the easiest condensate pump on the market to install, service, and/or replace – thus allowing contractors to quickly install the pump and get on to other jobs. Contractor- and application-friendly features include:

  • Its slim 4.8-inch by 10.2-inch by 6.5-inch footprint allows for installation flexibility in tight areas
  • A unique mounting bracket slips onto the pump for easy mounting and removal
  • A 1/4-turn check valve allows for servicing without the removal of tubing to eliminate water spills
  • An external overflow switch automatically detects high water levels
  • An external test lever allows for quick testing of the pump so the contractor can be sure it’s ready to work properly, and it provides the ability to easily drain the tank when needed
  • Rubber feet to absorb vibration and reduce noise on hard surfaces
  • During a direct replacement utilizing a VCMX-20 Series, zero tools are needed for installation, making the replacement process even faster

The VCMX-20 Series has a pumping performance of up to 84 gallons per hour and is offered in both 115 V, 60 Hz and 230 V, 50/60 Hz models. An optional anti-sweat sleeve is available for applications where high humidity causes condensation on the outside of the tank. In addition to normal condensate applications, the unit is suitable for high efficiency oil and gas-fired condensing furnaces and condensing boiler equipment.

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