EC-1-DV Product Enhancement Update


Franklin Electric’s commitment to innovation and continual improvement means that we evaluate and incorporate new technologies into our existing products, services, and processes to continuously increase value for our customers.

As a result, we have made the following minor changes to the EC-1-DV Series Mini Condensate Pump:

  • A minor circuit board design change has been implemented
  • A new connector for the power cable has been incorporated

Effective immediately, new item numbers have been established for the EC-1-DV and EC-1K-DV 110-240 V 50/60 Hz models. The current item numbers 553505 and 553515 are discontinued and production has transferred to the new item. Orders will be automatically converted to the new models. Please update your systems to reflect these new item numbers to minimize any disruption to your receiving process.

Note: Electric cable from existing product will not connect to the new product and vice-versa. If a new model replaces an installed existing model, the included electrical cable supplied with the new model will need to be used. There has been no change to the product performance or dimensions.

Model Number Information
Product model and item numbers changed:

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